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Live &Virtual Pirate Shows

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Pirate Shows For Festivals, Birthdays, Schools, Camps, Theaters, Anywhere

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About The Show

Are you and your kids ready for an extraordinary virtual adventure? Join Pirate Goodie aboard The Story Ship with magic, music, puppets, animation, interactive puzzles and games. This show is perfect for birthday parties, schools, camps, theaters or anywhere kids are!


The Story...

Pirate Goodie has found a treasure chest with unlim-ited riches. But the treasure is cursed. He has to open it everyday with a new crew to keep his gold. Are you going to be part of his new crew? Can you help him unravel the mystery to open his chest? He and his undersea friends could sure use a hand.

How it works...

​Parents, teachers, presenters or guardians have the option of downloading a printable treasure map. Links to download the map and view additional supporting videos are given when you book a show.  This show also works great without the map. So, if you don't have time to download the map, print and prep for the show, we got you covered! Download Treasure Map Here


At the beginning of the show, you and the new crew are greeted by Pirate Goodie who tells his story. Afterwards, the kids are asked to find parts of treasure map that are hidden right in their own house or area. Yes, you guessed it. It's a scavenger hunt and each part of the treasure map they find gives a hint as to how to open the chest. Don't worry if you don't have time to print the map. We can do the show without it! Throughout the show, puppets, magic, animation, singing and movement have the kids actively engaged. All is well that ends well as the kids are rewarded on this fast paced adventure!


Pics & Vids

See em in action...

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Sean Driscoll's Story Ship has thrilled audiences with entertaining, educational workshops and performances for over 30 years. His shows combine interactive animation, puppets, music, storytelling, theater, comedy and magic. This unique combination makes their performances and workshops truly original. The Story Ship artists perform regularly throughout the United States in theaters, schools, libraries, resorts, after school programs, and festival settings. They reach thousands of children and adults each year through hundreds performances with audiences up to 8,000 kids. They have performed over 10,000 shows!

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Birthday Parties

  • 40 Minute Show

  • Pre-recorded Video or Live Virtual Show Available

  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt

  • Viewership Available to Your Household 

  • $35 (Pre-recorded video)  

  • Watch Video for Full 3 Days

  • $195 (Live Virtual Show)


Schools, Libraries, Camps

  • 45 Minute Show

  • Pre-recorded Video or Live Virtual Show Available

  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt

  • Educational Subjects Include Anti-Bullying, Letters, Numbers and Character ED 

  • Call (912) 663-6320 Or Email For Quote

  • Multiple Show Discounts Available


Theaters, Companies, Arts Councils, Organizations

  • 50 Minute Show

  • Pre-recorded Video,  Live Virtual , or Live In Person Show Available

  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt

  • Viewership Available to Multiple Locations and Zip Codes

  • Call (912) 663-6320 or email for a Quote

  • Multiple Show Discounts Available

Book Shows
Birthday Show Video Rental
Pirate Goodie Pre-recorded Virtual Birthday Party
The Story Ship, LLC

Pirate Goodie Pre-recorded Virtual Birthday Party

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Birthday Pre-Recorded Show 
  • Instant Birthday Entertainment

  • Quick Setup

  • Interactive Scavenger Hunt

  • 40 Minute Pre-recorded Show

  • Kids Interact by Singing, Dancing Solving Puzzles and Magic Tricks,

  • No Strangers Coming To Your House

  • Birthday Entertainment For A Fraction Of Live Entertainment and Just As Much Fun!.

  • Watch Rental For 3 Days

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The Story Ship

9945 Whitefield Ave.

Savannah, GA 31406


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